Chapter History

Installation & Petitioning Process (1984-1988)

Our Chapter was installed on 26 October 1984. The primary founders were: student, Kathy Keil; and Faculty Advisor, John Delaney, later Ph.D. Kathy served as President for one year before graduating. John Delaney served as the Faculty Advisor and guided our Chapter through its three-year formative period, known as the “petitioning process”. Dr. Mark Alford assumed the responsibilities of Faculty Advisor in 1986. It was during this time that the chapter began to seek out contacts in the profession and industry, establish our by-laws, and set precedent for future officers and members.

1989 to Today

After several years of service, Dr. Alford resigned as our Faculty Advisor in 1989, having been replaced by Dr. Ted Skekel. In 1993-94, Dr. Ted Skekel was selected for a National-level position with Beta Alpha Psi and held this position through 1995. Dr. Skekel’s national appointment led to Dr. Russell Briner becoming the Faculty Advisor followed by Gaye Preston. Dr. Skekel returned as Faculty Advisor in 2000 followed by Dr. Cathy Cole in 2009.

Since its beginning, the chapter has been recognized for various national awards including being a Chapter of Merit, a Distinguished Chapter, and Superior Chapter in some years.


Our first President, Kathy Keil, passed away in 1992 following a two-year battle with cancer. To recognize her tremendous contribution to our Chapter, an Endowed Scholarship is given in her name each fall to outstanding accounting students. Each spring, Beta Alpha Psi helps to facilitate the annual Kathy Keil Golf Tournament which helps raise funds for this scholarship.